About the Institute

About the Institute

The Global Food Institute at the George Washington University (GFI) will create the infrastructure for revolutionary discoveries to become effective policy, innovative ventures, and compelling stories.

Cross-disciplinary research and teaching will be the foundation of the GFI, permeating all of our work. Our pillars of policy, innovation, and humanity will guide the institute, creating real-world impact and transforming how we grow, distribute, consume, and think about food.


Cultivating Global Change from D.C.

Founded by the George Washington University and José Andrés, the Global Food Institute will transform people’s lives and the health of our planet by changing the way we view food’s integral role in creating a greater world.

GW’s unique location and strengths—excelling at the intersection of education, business, technology, healthcare, and international affairs—create the ideal environment for private- and public-sector global leaders to develop innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Now is the time to use these advantages to solve the complicated problems of our time. Now is the time for the Global Food Institute to change the world through the power of food.

José Andrés speaking at GW podium
Together with José Andrés, GW will strive beyond the narrow focus of existing efforts, bringing together unexpected collaborations to accelerate progress.



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Solutions to the world’s most complex issues require collaboration across disciplines and across organizations. As an institute grounded in data-driven efficacy, the impact and outcomes of GFI will be measured across the three pillars of Policy, Innovation and Humanity.




Educating the Next Generation Through the Lens of Food

GFI will educate GW students with the knowledge and tools to approach their respective professional and academic pursuits through the lens of food. The next generation of alumni leaders will be prepared to offer unique perspectives to the food solutions of tomorrow.



A Hub of Cross-Disciplinary Research and Innovation

Faculty from diverse fields will conduct interdisciplinary research that demonstrates the centrality of food in many of today’s biggest challenges – hunger and poverty, public health, and the climate crisis, among others. The institute’s findings will reinforce that food is actually part of the solution to these bigger challenges and will shape and inform domestic and global food policy.





Convening Leading Experts in Global Food Policy

The institute will convene the world’s leading experts across all disciplines to transform food systems and to improve people’s lives and the health of our planet. Distinctive partnerships will invite new voices into critical conversations, breaking longstanding gridlock and amplifying overlooked voices.